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300Scholomance Rare Books specializes in the esoteric arts and sciences, arcane spirituality and the occult, philosophy, religion, and mythology. The Bookshelf maintains a small ever-changing selection of rare, antiquarian, limited editions, and fine bindings, while the eStore provides thousands of new/used paperbacks and common hardcovers.

New Arrivals:

wrapThe Book of Azazel
by E.A. Koetting, 2012
Book Condition : Fine

Hardcover. 184pp. Fine black leatherette with gilt Circle of Pacts on upper board, Ribbon marker. Printed in red & black, b&w sigils throughout. Limited to 77 numbered copies.

From the author "That which follows is the entirety of what I learned from the Demon during a ninety-day journey through hell, with Azazel as my guide. To Azazel... I can only trust that when this work is completed, he will set me free. Azazel is the embodiment of all that is forbidden, all that is secret, and all that I would sacrifice everything for. He called upon me to perform this damnable Operation: to commit myself to Him entirely, in order to possess all that is His. But fear overtook me. I didn't feel ready to drink from that cup, and so I drank from many others, flirting with the power that I knew could only be found in the blackest of rites and through the most obscene pacts.

wrapThe Altar of Sacrifice
by Mark Alan Smith, 2013
Book Condition : Fine

The Altar of Sacrifice is the first of "The Books of the Way of Sacrifice." The first volume in this closely woven trilogy consists of three inner books, each revealing legendary power of the Olde Ways, attained through the Arte of Bloody Sacrifice. The Path of the Devotee is illuminated from the initial Gift and Pact that opens The Way of Sacrifice, to the formation of the Mother Temple of Four Pillars of Fire through Vortices of Death and Gnosis of the Apocalyptic Keys. Glyphs filled with sacrificial blood open the Backward Atlantean Path of Hecate.


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