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New Arrivals:

by Vernon Lee, 1890
Book Condition : Very Good

The binding is new so remains in good clean condition. The title page has a very small ink mark to the centre but this is small - the verso of the title page has a bookplate belonging to the author of Whisky Galore, Comptom Mackenzie. The pages are in good clean condition throughout and free from foxing and stains. Overall a good copy of the first edition in a handsome binding.This first edition of 'Hauntings', published in 1890, is very scarce. According to Lee,'almost immediately after printing, the whole edition (i.e. all except author's and press copies) was burnt in a warehouse. This is one of the copies that survived.

wrapThe Dragon Book of Essex
by Andrew Chumbley, 2014
Book Condition : Fine

This substantial work expounds the sorcerous ethos and praxes of the Crooked Path ritual system. Its contents include a cycle of ten extensive Mystery-rites, each accompanied by adjunctive solitary rituals and detailed commentaries. Additional texts relate the intricacies of Sabbatic ritualization, as well as an extensive body of stellar lore and ritual. The Sorcerous Formulae of Number and Sign are also communicated, together with detailed exegeses of the Quadriga, the specific covine-type of the Crooked Path. A detailed section on the Magical Weapons of the Draconian Sorcerer complements the text. This work is intended as an entire resumé of the ancestral and ophidian components of Traditional Craft Sorcery and Sabbatic Gnosis. The Dragon Book of Essex originally comprised a portion of the rites and practices of an inner conclave of the Cultus Sabbati known as The Column of the Crooked Path.


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